Finding a solution…

At the young age of 19, Dr Alan Ong began to lose his hair due to severe male pattern hair loss. Being a self-conscious teenager, baldness was ruining his confidence and by the age of 26 he was completely bald. Since the results of the various treatments and products he tried were not encouraging, he knew he had to find a solution. After many years of extensive research and rigorous experiments, Dr Ong discovered a highly effective formulation that enabled him to grow back his hair.

Dr. Alan Ong – age 42 (left), age 43 (middle), age 71 (right).*

In 1992, the first Bioscor International clinic was founded in Melbourne, Australia. Bioscor became one of the early pioneers of treating hair loss in the country. Soon after, Dr Ong expanded into skincare management and cosmetic medicine. Dr Ong brings a touch of artistry with his considerable skills, driven by his passion for helping clients achieve their desired results. Fast forward to today and Bioscor has established a well-recognized international presence with clinics located worldwide.

Amanda & Alan

left: Dr. Amanda Ong, head doctor of Bioscor Melbourne,
right: Dr. Alan Ong, founder and chairman of Bioscor


Four words that say it all. At Bioscor we understand that individual patients have different needs and concerns regarding their aesthetic appearance. Results matter, and we are here to help you achieve them safely, no matter your goal.


Client satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. From the first consultation to your 100th treatment we ensure you feel welcome every time.


Bioscor draws on its extensive experience to carefully curate a range of effective treatments and products to treat a broad range of skin and hair types across different demographics.